Reiki grand masters in Berkshire
Reiki grand masters in Berkshire


Unlocking the YOUNIVERSE

Finding this website was no accident. If you are reading this, then it is probably because your spiritual guidance has led you here to begin your healing or to help create the life you really want to live.

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What is Quantum Reiki?

I AM Quantum Reiki is personally tailored to you,  focusing on your experiences or the circumstances you are trying to shift. We do not concentrate on set hand positions or structures that are practised in traditional Usui Reiki; our sessions are uniquely based on your chakras, aura, meridians and other aspects of your spiritual body and life circumstances. 

Quantum Reiki is not limited to this time and space; healing can be done for past events as if it were happening in the present now, therefore this gives Quantum Reiki a powerful and productive advantage over many other forms of energy healing. 

Traditional reiki methods require the healer to channel reiki energy through their crown chakra, out through their hands and onto the client. Quantum Reiki generates all energy from the quantum field that is all around us. The advantage of this is a reduced possibility of transferring personal energy and consciousness from healer to client; we feel this is a cleaner practice. 

By accessing the quantum field we access unlimited healing energy as a powerful tool for self-healing beyond time and space. Quantum Reiki works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Providing deep relaxation, stress relief, greater clarity, tranquillity, balance and harmony in all areas of life.

“There is enough energy in a single cubic meter of space to boil all the oceans in the world.”

— Richard P. Feynman

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Fiona Ault

Quantum Reiki Master

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Lee Ault

Quantum Reiki Master

You have had these wounds long enough..
Take Control Of Your Life again
Everything you need to heal is already within you
You Are Not Broken | You Are Not Lost | You Are Not Incapable
Just doing "fine" isn't thriving...
Heal your yourself, your relationships & your lifestyle.
Heal past traumas that you dont ralise are holding you back
Be more present in your daily life experiences
Find purpose, flow & clarity again.
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Benefits of Quantum Reiki

Quantum Healers in Berkshire

Quantum Reiki is the next level in quantum energy healing! It is essentially true shamanism that produces miraculous results. It goes beyond the limitations of traditional reiki to heal at a cellular level, and the results it produces in our clients are transformations not seen in any other modality.

By accessing the quantum field, we access unlimited healing energy as a powerful tool for self-healing beyond time and space. Quantum Reiki works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Providing deep relaxation, stress relief, greater clarity, tranquillity, balance and harmony in all areas of life.

Heal with the highest energy available.

The advanced energy healing practice of Quantum Reiki can open all your chakras and meridians. This allows you to access the full potential of reiki energy in your healing session. Quantum Reiki is the strongest and most powerful healing modality because it uses the core of all reiki energies in a single channel. Unlike traditional reiki, which uses different channels and attunements for each reiki symbol, which can limit the potential of an energy healing session.

Focused on Mood & Subconscious.

Quantum Reiki differs from traditional reiki because along with using intention to channel universal life energy, it focuses also on your mental state. Your mind is an irresistible force that can transform your thoughts into physical reactions. It is scientifically proven that healing can be produced and promoted in the body by specifically thinking about healing each cell.

This modality uses that state of mind to raise your vibration and increase your healing abilities by making you fully aware of the energy flowing through you. Each treatment is personalised because Quantum Reiki incorporates a balanced approach between the mind, body, spirit and lifestyle of the person. It delivers life-changing results to those suffering from a multitude of “dis-eases”.

Quantum Reiki focuses on exploring the subconscious mind to extract any trauma buried deeply within us. Once the trauma is located, we can heal that experience with universal vital energy.

Healing Trauma.

Many of us experience traumatic and life-changing events throughout our lives, particularly traumatic events that happened to us in childhood. Trauma is an emotion and experience so extreme to the individual that we repress it until we seem to forget it. Therefore, half the time we may not even realise there is stored trauma in our body.

However, it is the stored traumas that dictate how we manage current relationships and our emotions in the present now of our reality. This can lead us to hurt the people we love and ultimately never find inner peace within ourselves. It is essential to free your body from trauma so you can build positive, happy relationships and live to your full potential. Trauma can cause you to lose self-esteem, adopt unhealthy habits, and prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

This advanced and powerful energy healing practice encourages your deepest traumas to the surface to help you acknowledge, accept and release them.

Quantum Reiki is so powerful that it can be done in just a few sessions. By releasing yourself from the trauma, you will feel an immense sense of relief and will almost feel like you have been reborn. It brings you to your highest self and allows you to live your life without feeling overwhelmed and without needing to be in a constant fight-or-flight state.

When we are willing to take control of our lives in this way, we can help ourselves develop the skills we need to stay healthy, even in the face of illness or difficult circumstances.

With just one healing session, you will experience a greater sense of vitality and energy, greater self-healing ability, and greater mental awareness.

When we are willing to take control of our lives in this way, we can help ourselves develop the skills we need to stay healthy, even in the face of illness or difficult circumstances.
With just one healing session, you will experience a greater sense of vitality and energy, greater self-healing ability, and greater mental awareness.

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Reiki clinic Berkshire Yoga asana
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A Fully Imersive Experience

Quantum Healers in Berkshire

Get ready for something REALLY special! In 2025 we plan to launch ZENSES, a fully immersive healing experience. Bringing together all of the 5 senses to heal on a level never seen before. This one-hour session will include chakra balancing and healing using sound, light, structured & programmed water, aromatherapy and of course Reiki Quantum Healing. 

But wait…there’s more…!

In 2024/25 we plan to offer custom experiences to fit your individual requests. This means tailor-made audio and visual tracks and mixtures of smells and teas. You can then take these away with you to aid healing on a day-to-day basis.

If you are interested in being one of the first to experience this amazing and rewarding session, please sign up for our newsletter below. 

The first 20-30 subscribers will experience Zenses FOR FREE!


What does Reiki “Master” & “Grandmaster” mean?

We use this term very loosely! These are simply titles to define what qualifications have been taken.

Do we consider ourselves “Masters”? In a word NO!
Lee has studied/taught various martial arts for over 30 years and still considers himself a padawan!
We are always learning and compared to our various teachers across the globe, we certainly don’t throw the word “master” around very often!

Why are QR sessions so long?

In order to tailor your experience for a Quantum Reiki session, we need to discuss with you in-depth what we are going to address during the process and also give you some guidance on what might occure while you are on the bed.

Why don’t we offer plans or bulk discounts like other reiki healers?

Because our mission is to heal and free you in the quickest time possible. Many of our clients report a complete shift in their reality after just one or two sessions. 

Do you still offer Usui Reiki?

Upon request, we can still offer Usui / Karuna Ki Reiki, if that is what you feel comfortable with. However, we have found Quantum Reiki to deliver much faster and more permanent results.

What to Expect in a Healing Session

After you fill out the questionnaire and consent form, we will begin to prepare and personalise your unique healing experience.

When you reach the studio, we allow you to get comfortable and familiar with your surroundings and with us! We begin with talking through the questionnaire you have already completed because communicating further in person, allows us to feel your energies and gain a better understanding of your healing journey, what has brought you to our reiki studio and what you intend to achieve by the time you walk out the door.

For the reiki session, you will be lying down on the reiki bed, fully clothed and we will offer a blanket or any extra support you may need to be comfortable. With your eyes closed and arms by your side, we begin your journey together; providing you with the energetic environment to heal and to assist you in manipulating where the energy is needed. There will be music playing that is set to specific frequencies to encourage the energy flow – though those frequencies are in the background of the relaxing music you will hear. The music is custom-tuned to the session we are carrying out that day. 

We focus on the 7-10 main Chakras. All this is performed without direct touch; we simply hover our hands a few inches above your body. The session can be silent or we can guide each other; that’s entirely up to you as it is your journey. Some clients are more sensitive to the energy movements than others – some may feel heavy in their limbs or have a floaty feeling, some may experience tingles or pins and needles-like sensations through the body, or you may feel nothing at all. Some may have visions or even see colours in a kaleidoscope manner. These are all part of experiencing the movement of energy and you are perfectly safe. Where it is necessary, we may guide you through some breath work too.

To end the session we may take you through a small guided meditation to centre and compose your mind and body, ready for the day ahead of you.

After your session, we discuss your experience and also share any insights we may have had.

At I AM, we also offer our support if needed after your reiki appointment; you may have questions after you leave or even during the week when you may need spiritual support and guidance, we are here for you! Routinely, you will hear from us a week after the initial appointment to check up on you to see how well you are integrating with your new energy.


Reiki Practitioner Berkshire

Quantum Healers in Berkshire

Are you interested to know in how Reiki can help you become healthy? Well, here are some of the amazing benefits this practice has to offer. Reiki is an ancient form of healing technique. This treatment increases your supply of life force energy and helps you heal faster. It supports relaxation, minimises your stress, and makes you feel more at ease.

As you can see, there are a wide array of benefits from Reiki, and anyone can certainly take part in this technique if they want to. We hope you find this post informative and entertaining. Share this with your friends and family, so they realize the amazing benefits of Reiki as well.

Here are many other popular uses for Quantum Reiki

  • Promotes harmony,  balance & wellbeing
  • Stress & tension
  • Compliments medical treatment & other therapies
  • Self worth & confidence
  • Healing old traumas from the past
  • Dissolves energy blocks
  • Chronic pain
  • Accelerates self-healing
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Calming for children
  • PTSD
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Autism
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Fatigue & tiredness
  • Spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Infertility
  • Supportive during pregnancy
  • Helpful at the end of life
  • Relationships
  • Better sleep
A short background of reiki healing
Quantum Healers in Berkshire

Reiki is derived from the Japanese word ‘rei,’ which means universal, and ‘ ki,’ meaning vital life force energy which flows on all living things. According to most practitioners, Reiki is acupuncture without using needles. It is a complementary health approach wherein the practitioners put their hands on or above different body areas. The Japanese version of this energy healing is believed to be a later version of a more ancient technique spanning back past Egyptian times.

An Eastern medicine belief is that living beings acquire energy fields that support vitality and health. In connection to it, energy blocks can obstruct the innate flow of your energy, which may lead to health problems. Additionally, it can also cause negative circumstances in your life, including relationship problems or financial troubles based on your belief.

Reiki comes with at least 30 slightly various branches. The most famous form is the Usui. This reiki type was taught and practiced in Japan since the 1900s by Makao Usui, who is credited as the modern reiki founder. In the 1930s, Usui reiki was introduced to the west through Hawaii, thanks to Hawayo Takata, A Japanese-American woman. 

She traveled back to Japan and sought healing for her mental and physical ailments, including asthma, lung condition, and nervous breakdown after her husband’s death. She learned Reiki from Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Usui’s student. Takata had a profound healing experience and returned to Hawaii and became the first-ever individual who taught Reiki in the West. However, many believe that Usui actually had a great deal more to teach, yet withheld this knowledge. This is because the world wasn’t ready for the full teachings back in those early days. Life today, for the most part, operates at a much higher frequency and some of the untaught magic has found its way to modern practitioners through deep meditation and connection to the universal consciousness. It goes by many names, but here at I AM, we are focussing more and. ore on this lost knowledge and bringing it to you.