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Reiki grand masters in Berkshire


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Reiki Therapist in Berkshire


Everything is Energy and Energy is essential for you to perform at your best with your daily tasks. However, you can feel stressed and drained with your hectic schedule and challenging life situations. This can lead to low energy levels, stress, aches & pains and diss-ease. Fortunately, there is a solution to that. We are talking about Reiki. I AM | Energy Healing can help you gain your energy back to improve your quality of life and thrive. 

I AM | Energy Healing aims to help you gain back the energy necessary for improving your quality of life. You will also feel more motivated to keep going regardless of what life brings you. Energy healing can help you with almost everything! Reiki balances the energy of the body, enhances meditative states, promotes the body’s natural ability to heal, relieves tension and stress, and much more.

Our goal is to make measurable improvements to your physical, emotional and mental health, lifestyle and general wellbeing in as shorter time as possible, rather than asking you to sign up to ongoing treatments.

Lee Ault Energy Healer Reiki Berkshire
Lee Ault

Quantum Reiki Master

Fiona Ault Psycho therapist Ascot
Fiona Ault

Quantum Reiki Master

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Do you have a dear friend or family member who you think would benefit from a reiki session?
Why not send the gift of healing to those who are unaware of the benefits or would not take the first step on their healing journey…


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Reiki healers in Berkshire Fiona Ault
Fiona Is Now Available To Book!

…and booking up fast! Click here to book I’m Fi – wife, mother of two and quantum reiki practitioner. I’d like to share with you my journey; all my experiences that I believe has ultimately led me to this healing path. I was born and raised in the UK, first generation

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Vouchers Now Available By Popular Demand! Do you have a dear friend or family member who you think would benefit from a reiki session?Why not send the gift of healing to those who are unaware of the benefits or would not take the first step on their healing journey… XMAS

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Reiki For Adrenal Fatigue & Burnout.

WHY IS COFFEE SO FASHIONABLE THESE DAYS??? Energy Healing for Adrenal Fatigue In this fast-paced world, individuals are more prone to stress due to their hectic schedules. If not given immediate attention, it can lead to fatigue and other negative conditions. In this post, we will discuss adrenal fatigue and

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London distance energy healers reiki

Distance Reiki: Meaning, Benefits, Sessions, and More Reiki is a Japanese term combined rei, which means universal, and ki, which means life. Generally, it is defined as a miraculous sign and a mysterious atmosphere. The Reiki system is divided into different powerful techniques, and one of these is Distance Reiki.

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best Reikim practicioners in Ascot

Solutions to Trauma: Reiki for Trauma Reiki is a healing system that uses energy life-force through the hands on to the person who wishes to be cured or healed. The practitioner is not the healer but simply the channeler of the Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki practitioners tout that the

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Healing for anxiety and stress Berkshire

Reiki for Generalised Anxiety Disorder Approximately 8 million people in the UK have some form of an anxiety disorder and GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) is believed to be one of the most common psychiatric disorders in the World. Keep reading to learn more about GAD and how Reiki can help

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Usui Reiki Masters in Berkshire
Reiki clinic Berkshire Yoga asana
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Reiki clinic Berkshire Yoga asana
Reiki studio Berkshire Lotus
Reiki studio Berkshire Lotus

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Energy Healing Services

Quantum Healers in Berkshire
Crystal Reiki Ascot CHO KU REI

Quantum Reiki Master

Alongside powerful Quantum Reiki, we use various other healing modalities, such as sound, crystals, aromatherapy and more. 

Reiki Studio Clinic Ascot

Wellbeing Coach

Learn how to live your life and thrive. We can help you clean up bad habbits and practice new ones that will turn your life around.
Help for anxiety Ascot healers

Spiritual Psychotherpy

Treatments and coaching to help support those suffering with or have suffered depression, PTSD, Anxiety and Post Natal Depression

Energy Healer in Berkshire

Energy healing can help with almost everything, whether it be directly or indirectly, but here are some of the most common uses.

  • Promotes harmony,  balance & wellbeing
  • Stress & tension
  • Compliments medical treatment & other therapies
  • Self worth & confidence
  • Healing old traumas from the past
  • Dissolves energy blocks
  • Chronic pain
  • Accelerates self-healing
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Calming for children
  • PTSD
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Autism
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Fatigue & tiredness
  • Spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Infertility
  • Supportive during pregnancy
  • Helpful at the end of life
  • Relationships
  • Better sleep

What Our Energy Healing Clients Say

Quantum Healers in Berkshire
    Laura Cenzano

    I had my first ever Reiki session with Lee and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect or even what I wanted to achieved. By far it was the most relaxing experience I ever had, Lee made me feel so welcome, comfortable and relaxed. I did feel light headed after the session, and probably lasted for the day, but since I have been able to sleep much better and being a lot calmer overall. It is quite difficult to explain, but definitely has helped me and no doubt I will be having it again. Thank you so much Lee for introducing me to Reiki


      I have been visiting Lee for treatments since the beginning of the year. Initially I went for recurring back pain that never seamed to heal no matter who I went to see or what pills I took. After leaving the session, I had an overwhelming feeling of joy, positivity and calmness. I thought to myself, "I want to feel like this all the time!" So I have been visiting the studio once every couple of weeks and my life seems to be getting better on every level! Thank you Lee & Fiona!


        I was sceptical about Reiki as I didnt really know a lot about it and it seems weird to me that someone can hold out their hands and heal a person. I had a painful neck and it had been bugging me for a long time. lee offered to try and help me, so I did my best to have an open mind. 10 minutes later I felf so relaxed (I was sat in a chir in the middle of a mall!) and my neck pain had alomst completely diappeared! It blew my mind!!


          I have been suffering with anxiety for many years and I asked Lee if we could work on this. Lots of things came to light during the session that I had long forgotten about, but realise they were still causing my destress subconciously. With every treatment I seem to dig up more and more past traumas and they seem to just go "poof" and I feel lighter every time I leave the studio! I feel more confident and less stressed in my day to day life which is great for the whole family!


            This was my first experience of Reiki and I found Lee very professional and the location was nice and peaceful, and the room had a nice ambiance about it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but after I have felt calmer and more in control and my mind doesn't seem to be running a million miles an hour. This is defiantly a service I will be looking to use again

            Chakra Balancing Reiki Treatment Berkshire

            A Fully Imersive Experience

            Quantum Healers in Berkshire

            Get ready for something REALLY special! In 2024 we plan to launch ZENSES, a fully immersive healing experience. Bringing together all of the 5 senses to heal on a level never seen before. This one-hour session will include chakra balancing and healing using sound, light, structured & programmed water, aromatherapy and of course Reiki Quantum Healing. 

            But wait…there’s more…!

            In 2024/25 we plan to offer custom experiences to fit your individual requests. This means tailor-made audio and visual tracks and mixtures of smells and teas. You can then take these away with you to aid healing on a day to day basis.

            If you are interested in being one of the first to experience this amazing and rewarding session, please sign up for our newsletter below. 

            The first 20-30 subscribers will experience Zenses FOR FREE!
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            Quantum Healing / Reiki
            Audio Sound Therapy Berkshire
            Healing Sound Frequencies
            Colour Therapist Berkshire
            Colour/Light Therapy
            Aroma Therapist Berkshire
            Aroma Therapy
            Chakra Tea Berkshire

            Programmed Water


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            You have had these wounds long enough..
            Take Control Of Your Life again
            Everything you need to heal is already within you
            You Are Not Broken | You Are Not Lost | You Are Not Incapable
            Just doing "fine" isn't thriving...
            Heal your yourself, your relationships & your lifestyle.
            Heal past traumas that you dont ralise are holding you back
            Be more present in your daily life experiences
            Find purpose, flow & clarity again.
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            Quantum Reiki is like nothing you have ever experienced...

            Reiki Therapist In Berkshire

            Our Usui Reiki lineage traces directly back to Mikao Usui Sensei. Although at I-AM Reiki Energy Healing, we have infused this with many other modalities to fit each client’s needs. Including:

            • QUANTUM REIKI
            • USUI REIKI
            • CRYSTAL REIKI
            • SEKHMET REIKI
            • KARUNA KI REIKI
            • REIKI OF THE 7 RAYS

            Reiki Practitioner Berkshire

            Quantum Healers in Berkshire

            Are you interested to know in how Reiki can help you become healthy? Well, here are some of the amazing benefits this practice has to offer. Reiki is an ancient form of healing technique. This treatment increases your supply of life force energy and helps you heal faster. It supports relaxation, minimises your stress, and makes you feel more at ease.

            As you can see, there are a wide array of benefits from Reiki, and anyone can certainly take part in this technique if they want to. We hope you find this post informative and entertaining. Share this with your friends and family, so they realize the amazing benefits of Reiki as well.

            What is Reiki Energy?

            Quantum Healers in Berkshire

            Reiki is derived from the Japanese word ‘rei,’ which means universal, and ‘ ki,’ meaning vital life force energy which flows on all living things. According to most practitioners, Reiki is acupuncture without using needles. It is a complementary health approach wherein the practitioners put their hands on or above different body areas. The Japanese version of this energy healing is believed to be a later version of a more ancient technique spanning back past Egyptian times.

            An Eastern medicine belief is that living beings acquire energy fields that support vitality and health. In connection to it, energy blocks can obstruct the innate flow of your energy, which may lead to health problems. Additionally, it can also cause negative circumstances in your life, including relationship problems or financial troubles based on your belief.

            If you want to bring back your highest energy level, I AM Reiki Berkshire can help you clear and optimise these energies.

            A short background of Usui Reiki healing
            Quantum Healers in Berkshire

            Reiki comes with at least 30 slightly various branches. The most famous form is the Usui. This reiki type was taught and practiced in Japan since the 1900s by Makao Usui, who is credited as the modern reiki founder. In the 1930s, Usui reiki was introduced to the west through Hawaii, thanks to Hawayo Takata, A Japanese-American woman. 

            She traveled back to Japan and sought healing for her mental and physical ailments, including asthma, lung condition, and nervous breakdown after her husband’s death. She learned Reiki from Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Usui’s student. Takata had a profound healing experience and returned to Hawaii and became the first-ever individual who taught Reiki in the West. However, many believe that Usui actually had a great deal more to teach, yet withheld this knowledge. This is because the world wasn’t ready for the full teachings back in those early days. Life today, for the most part, operates at a much higher frequency and some of the untaught magic has found its way to modern practitioners through deep meditation and connection to the universal consciousness. It goes by many names, but here at I AM, we are focussing more and. ore on this lost knowledge and bringing it to you.

            What can you expect in a Reiki session?
            Quantum Healers in Berkshire

            Reiki can be easily performed in any setting. However, the Reiki session can be done in a treatment room or relaxing environment, similar to massage therapy. Reiki sessions are performed sometime with music (or sound therapy) and also with aromatherapy.


            The client starts face up in the treatment room setting and is fully clothed. Then, the client may discuss their situation or ailment with the practitioner they hope to heal. 

            Most Reiki practitioners also conduct remote healing eventhough they aren’t in the same place as the client. We have compleed very successfull reiki session for clients in other towns and even other countries!


            The session may start with a brief meditation. The Reiki professional uses different hand movements to hover over or lightly touch several parts of the client’s body as they face up and face down. The practitioner concentrates on their intent for healing. Usually, a session can usually last from 50 – 70 mins

            Side effects and risks of Reiki Energy Healing
            Quantum Healers in Berkshire

            According to several studies, Reiki has no adverse effects. Thus, it is a non-invasive treatment. Reiki practitioners usually report that their clients feel relaxed after a session. Some also feel energized. 

            Reiki ‘master’ is considered the highest level of training, but there are various expertise and training among reiki practitioners that go way beyond this level. You should also be aware that even though Reiki may be compared to meditation or yoga, modern Reiki is not a religion. Clients and practitioners come from all different walks of life and belief systems. So, if you receive Reiki, remember that it doesn’t aim to change or interfere with your religious or spiritual beliefs. 

            To sum it up, Reiki is a great alternative solution to bring back your energy to the highest level and your greatest good. It is helpful to improve your health and life quality.       

            Wellbeing Coach

            If you want to heal and live the most rewarding and joyful life – you need to take care of your body. Changing one bad habit at a time is a great way to get there. Along with all our treatments, we offer lifestyle advice on the follwoing areas:

            • NUTRITION
            • SLEEP / REST
            • MEDITATION
            • BREATH WORK
            • YOGA / FINTENSS
            • MANIFESTATION
            How To Thrive In Day-To-Day Life
            Quantum Healers in Berkshire

            We don’t currently run the wellbeing courses that are planned here. Instead, we will offer tips and tricks for you to take away after the session and practice at home, to help you thrive throughout your day. I will be building courses for specific subjects and goals in 2023/24. Until then, please enjoy the FREE information in your session.