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I’m Fi – wife, mother of two and quantum reiki practitioner. I’d like to share with you my journey; all my experiences that I believe has ultimately led me to this healing path.
I was born and raised in the UK, first generation British Chinese in my family line. I had a “normal” childhood with a stereotypically Chinese upbringing; with parents who are married, a younger sibling and a large extended family. My paternal grandparents played a big part in my upbringing – at a young age, they were my primary caregivers whilst my parents set up their own Chinese takeaway business.
Looking back, my school years seemed confusing. English was not my first language which meant in the early years I had difficulty communicating with my peers and teachers. However, nowadays English is my fluent language and is spoken at home with my family.
I never felt I had a particular strength in any school subjects – I guess I just bobbed along. Though I always have had an inquisitive and philosophical mind; often stumbling my R.E. Teacher in class, sparking interesting conversations. I went to a Catholic Convent all girls secondary school. I was not religious but I have much appreciation and gratitude for the environment that was created by the nuns who ran the school.
As a young girl, I considered going into midwifery or even becoming a criminal psychologist. These ideas were not supported; I was considered not intelligent enough to embark in the medical sector and working with criminals was not a job for a girl. So, I went into further education following my parent’s wishes – not really knowing what I wanted, I chose to take up Legal Studies – an approved subject yet not too ambitious unlike Law.
However, I was given the opportunity by the University to read Law instead, though I did not continue that path afterwards. Still not knowing what I wanted in life, I went into the tourism industry which created much tension at home and not like me at all to go against my parents’ wishes.
I was cabin crew from my twenties until my early thirties. During this time, I grew up from a little dependent girl to a confident young woman. The career enabled me to travel and have new experiences; opening my eyes to the many cultures. It also strengthened my people skills; the need to create a quick bond with colleagues for the trip ahead, managing conflict with passengers when you have nowhere to hide because we are all on this metal tube, and getting to meet new people every time I went to work.
At my workplace I met Lee, whom I married and started a family with. This naturally led me to the crossroads where I felt I needed to make a choice – to continue exploring the world whilst trying to maintain family life, or to have my feet firmly on the ground. I chose the latter and my family expanded.
It was a difficult transition, much tougher than I expected. In that time of ups and many downs, I experienced reiki for myself through my husband and his teacher. The experience opened a whole can of worms so to speak; where I gained a different perspective on past mental and emotional wounds.
I had in the past experienced mild depression, birthing PTSD, and anxiety. I have received hypnotism, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), counselling and psychotherapy. They all had its place to help me at the time but personally, there is no comparison when your true self decides, enough is enough and it’s time to let go, trust and heal; guided by the Divine.
In spiritually healing these experiences, I came to realise there were deep seated “childhood traumas” that also needed attention. The healing journey is a holistic approach; it incorporates the mental, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual, of the past, the present and the future you. You may begin the journey with certain issues that you thought need resolving but along the way you heal other aspects that led you to those issues in the first place; thereafter, the journey continues with many other lessons.
At I AM, I provide you the “space” to start your healing journey – no judgement, just love and light energy. I am passionate at what I can provide because having experienced the dark, there’s an innate determination to ensure no one I work with will go through hardships alone. It will be my duty and honour to help guide you to your light. Together we are a team.
Life is a continuous journey of lessons. How you receive them, is within you; for you are the one who creates your own reality.