Reiki therapy session for divine feminine

What is the Divine Feminine and how to connect with yours

The divine feminine has nothing to do with gender. It is the energy that controls our inner mind.

If you are someone looking for great answers – looking for that true purpose – I have good news for you. You are spiritual and your soul seeks to pursue what will truly bring you happiness. You are searching for your dharma.

Your dharma is the reason you exist as the person you are today. When the universe designed you, it created you for a specific purpose. You should be here right now. Destiny has plans for you: it created you with great care.

But how do you evolve towards your divinity? It has to do with the energy balance of your body. Each person is a combination of masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang) that balance us spiritually. But in the modern world, these energies are constantly changing, leaving people restless and agitated without really knowing why something is wrong. Reiki is a great way to connect back to this cosmic forces within you

What is divine feminine energy?

Divine feminine energy is the energy that governs our inner spirit. It controls the intuitive side of our mind in all its splendour. The universe itself is a cosmic force composed of both the sacred masculine and the divine feminine. Unfortunately, due to the way humanity has been divided into genders, this expression of both energies in balance has given way to people who focus specifically on one or the other. Sacred masculine energy focuses on material things and the physical world.

We have lost touch with our intuition, our true self, our feminine side that helps us connect with the spiritual world and the energy of the universe. Divine feminine energy focuses on intuition, feeling, nurturing, receptivity and connectivity. It’s about healing and growing. It is a shared harmony. And the world could benefit from it right now, don’t you think?

Everyone has access to the divine feminine. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with our gender, as you might think. We all have a side of us that we have repressed to chase away what society has told us about life.

Qualities of divine feminine energy

The divine feminine is truly what makes us the best. Think about your role models. They are leaders, innovative, and creative; They all have a profound impact on you. How do they connect so well with others? What’s it like to drive so much?

Answer? Consciously or unconsciously, you connect with your divine feminine.

What are these properties? Let’s review them together.

1. Intuition
Divine feminine energy manifests in the form of very strong feelings that indicate that something is happening. Do you already know that something is going to happen just before a disaster strikes? This is your divine feminine channelling to alert you or guide you to things that will help you find your dharma.

2. Creativity
Another very powerful quality that comes from being in touch with your divine feminine is that your creativity is enhanced. The Divine Feminine is the energy that helped create the world. The same energy lives within you. You are a divine being of light, a channel for the universe. Reconnecting with your Divine Feminine will help you connect your essence with her most creative self.

3. Empathy
Empathy is another sign of the divine feminine. You cannot live with feminine energy without empathy.

This helps develop communication and intuition. Empathy is the incredible ability to put yourself in the shoes of others, to feel what they feel, and to understand and accept their pain or sadness. It can be developed quite easily. When you see someone going through a life-changing situation, positive or negative, imagine how you would feel if you were in that person’s shoes.

Get a deep sense of what it would be like to be in their shoes. And never judge others, no matter what they do. Developing empathy requires declaring war on the habit of judging people.

Judgment is toxic to relationships and completely wrong. Because you never know you wouldn’t do the same thing in his place.

4. Communications
The Divine Feminine in each of us focuses heavily on the growth and development of relationships, and to do this she needs good communication skills.

Communication is the basis of all relationships. Women had the opportunity to develop communication from the earliest stages of humanity when they cooked together, got to know each other, and spent a lot of time together.

At the same time, communication made the time more enjoyable. We talked, listened to each other’s sadness, gave each other advice and support, etc.

In addition, those who represent the divine housewives will have greater responsibility and will appreciate the importance of communication. To further develop your divine feminine qualities, you must first hone your communication skills.

If you are in a relationship and you identify with the feminine side of that relationship, know that you have incredible communication skills that you can use to strengthen your relationship and your bond with your partner.

5. Acceptance
While the sacred masculine is about taking action and making a difference, the divine feminine is about acceptance and peace.

Let’s not confuse acceptance with complacency. If you are in a toxic situation and you cry every day, but you choose to stay and become a martyr, you are not accepting yourself as a victim, but you are acting like one.

It is the opposite of acceptance. With acceptance comes a little detachment and what previously hurt or bothered you will now “touch” you on an emotional level.

Why The Gendered Terms?

The words “masculine” and “feminine” are not used based on gender here. It is simply a historical remnant of the kind of qualities that used to be associated with each gender. The universe rests in a state of balance, and this is also why our ancestors have always had a history of presenting the masculine and feminine as opposite ends of a gender spectrum. In modern society, we have a better understanding of gender. We are more knowledgeable and accepting – which is a key trait of the divine feminine within all of us.

Everyone has sacred masculine and divine feminine energy within them — the goal here is to bring a balance to these opposite energies

Activating Your Divine Feminine!
Connecting to your divine feminine is not an easy task. But you have already known this side of you — it’s a piece of the cosmos all around you. To make it easier, here are some simple things that help me connect to my divine feminine!

1. Connect with the most divine woman around, our amazing Mother Earth

It’s great to spend time in nature, especially during spring. After a long hard winter, we long for that connection with Mama Earth. That’s why it feels so good when you walk in the woods or when you walk on sand or through seawater. It connects us in a primal way and opens channels in the body so that stress and other negative energy can escape through our feet. Spend time in nature.

2. Create a sacred space for yourself

It could be your favourite bedside table, or even an entire room set aside for a quiet time. These spaces can contain sacred objects that remind you of the things you love and care for. Healing stones, images of loved ones, statues, books, items from travel, etc. Often referred to as an altar, this is a place to create intentions, daydream, meditate, keep a journal, be quiet, chat, or do yoga. These spaces generate a feeling of warmth and peace, which helps you reconnect to your divine feminine.

3. Regularly practice self-care rituals that nourish and support you

You can’t pour from an empty cup. A walk in the woods, an Epsom salt bath, a day at the spa, meditation, yoga, going to the gym, lighting a candle, time with friends, herbal tea, or intimate time with a loved one — do the things that rejuvenate you.

4. Moon rituals

You can do this exercise at any time during the lunar cycle. Full moons and new moons are especially effective.

Find a place to stand by the moonlight.

Stand on the ground with your arms overhead. Breathe deeply.

Ask the divine light of the moon to enter your hands and fill your body. Breathe in the light and power of the moon. Picture the energy filling your body.

5. Stay true to yourself

Remaining honest with yourself can be the hardest part of reconnecting to the divine feminine. You have to put yourself first. Take care of yourself and honour your truth.

As we leave you to reclaim your divine feminine, we hope that your spiritual journey brings you the deepest joy.

Let’s reclaim the light that was ours, sun child. You and I are birds of the same feather. We’ve got this.