Solutions to Trauma: Reiki for Trauma

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Reiki is a healing system that uses energy life-force through the hands on to the person who wishes to be cured or healed. The practitioner is not the healer but simply the channeler of the Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki practitioners tout that the practice is limitless, just repressed by the limits the person to be healed places upon themselves.

The healing that takes place is self-development, getting rid of bad habits or patterns, accepting healing, and opening up to possibilities in oneself. This healing works on the level of the underlying force which unites all things, the Chi or Ki, this force that vibrates and flows in all matter, whether it is mental, spiritual, or physical. People who have experienced trauma are equally as healable as somebody experiencing a physical illness.

Trauma: Overview

Trauma can be experienced in many different ways. We all process events in a different way; therefore, what may be moved on instantly by one individual might have a long-term effect on another. The source of trauma doesn’t always have to come from instant experience either. For instance, it can happen vicariously when a person empathetically connects with a traumatised person, thereby internalising the experience of the other person. This is common in people who are in the healing field.
Trans-generational trauma is a lesser-known form of trauma. Quantum Reiki is especially good for the realease of deep-seated trauma that the patient was even aware they were carrying, or thought they had dealt with previously. The concept is that the emotional, spiritual, physical, as well as mental aspects of one’s life are interrelated. All come together to make the single whole person, and imbalances in one of the factors mentioned will affect the others.
When it comes to Reiki for trauma healing, this approach aims to promote deep relaxation and the removal of stress. Stress is the main contributor to adverse medical problems for those who survive trauma.

This is due to the fact that in the face of danger, we as human beings execute a response called fight and flight, during which our system is flooded with cortisol (stress chemicals) and adrenaline. Your sympathetic nervous system is set off for the main aims of mobilising your muscles and preparing to fight the danger you are facing or flee from it. This takes place very quickly. The signals delivered from your brain to get going are sent prior to your conscious mind is even aware. In cases where the danger can’t be fought or fled from, you have another response: freeze.

When you freeze, your body is shut down, and you are mentally dissociated from what is taking place because the offending situation is extremely hard to handle. On the other hand, you cannot simply go from zero to freeze. You should pass first in the fight and flight stage. It means that if you go into that condition, your energy level is very high.

Fight, flight, and freeze happen in all mammals; however, human beings are different in the result of their response to danger. When getting well from a difficult or threatening state, other mammals can shake off their energy and return to a normal condition in just a few minutes.

Sadly to say, for human beings, our thinking often hinders and inhibits us from frantic or erratic shaking that would help us to free that frozen energy. Instead, if the danger has passed, we keep on with our lives but with the added weight of traumatic experience in the type of stored energy. This influences us all on a daily basis until we sucessfully transmute the energy away from the body’s energetic system. This is where Quantum Reiki can be very effective.

PTSD Symptoms

  • Re-experiencing trauma via flashbacks, obsessive thoughts, nightmares,
  • Intrusive thoughts – thinking that are unnecessary, feel unmanageable, and often relate to disturbing and distressing themes
  • Issues in focus or concentration
  • Numbness and depression
  • Feelings of separation from others; want to be alone always
  • Hypervigilance: being on alert always or always ready to fight
  • Sudden startling
  • Irritability
  • Shame
  • Escaping situations
  • Increased anxiety in general

One important reason that people don’t report these signs is that these can be mistaken easily for signs of mental disease. People often fear that diagnosis, stigma as well as its results. Maybe this is why below 50 percent of war veterans seek support and assistance and even fewer women who have suffered a traumatic child birthing experience. 

PTSD: What are the Causes?

It is vital to remember that not all who experience this condition get PTSD. There are a lot of factors here. Some causes of PTSD are as follows:

  • Serious accident, injury; mutilation
  • Giving birth to a baby
  • Rape
  • Physical, emotional as well as sexual abuse
  • Betrayal by partner
  • Wars
  • Attacks and bombings
  • Community violence, bullying, or shooting
  • Loss of loved ones, friends, community
  • Lose of property, possessions, or home
  • Loss of work
  • Natural disasters, this takes account of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires.


A lot of people who experience trauma have some signs at the start. Just some will develop PTSD in due course. Exposure to violence as a kid and having a family background of mental disease, mood disorders, depression, or anxiety might increase the chance of having PSTD.

Recent research shows that the origins of trauma might not be the battlefield; however, in the early days when issues and traumatic events were experienced. How serious the violence in the life of a person before military experience seemed to be a causative factor in having PTSD than exposure to war or combat. This extends to first responders also, such as police, firefighters and medical teams.

Reiki for PTSD: How It Works

Reiki stills and calms the spirit of a person. It can encourage relaxation from the outside and remind our body how it feels to be peaceful again. This can also remind our bodies that physical touch is therapeutic and nurturing. This also promotes calm and inner peace. If the spirit has been quieted and calmed, this starts the physical healing of our body.
During the flight or fight response, feelings are buried in a try to help the individual in the traumatic condition. Most of the time, feelings can get stored and trapped in our system as cellular memory. By calming our spirit and deep relaxation, the buried or trapped feelings and trauma can be released slowly and gently. Quantum Reiki is especially good for realease deep-seated trauma that the patient was even aware they were carrying, or thought they had dealt with previously. 

It is vital to keep in mind that this treatment heals at the spirit or soul level; as a result, we are not able to forecast the person’s outcome or experience. Trusting as well as following the energy will take a person where they want to go as well as address the demands most in which moment.

What to expect in a Reiki Session?

During your session, you will be in a comfortable lying or sitting position and keeps fully clothed. We always use specialised audio tracks to assits with whatever issue is the main focus of the session.
If you are relaxed, the practitioner will use smooth touch or a hands-free approach, putting their hands above or on different portions of your body such as the head, torso, legs, arms, and feet and utilising different hand shapes for anywhere between 2 and 15 minutes in every location.

Essential to the efficiency of the treatment is how well used the practitioner is to the client’s energy. When working on each part of your body, he will keep his hand in that stance until he senses that it’s time to transfer to other body parts.

Reiki and Emotional Release

This approach assists in releasing stored energy by guiding the body and mind into a deep relaxation state. As part of the flight and fight response, the emotional reaction can be buried or suppressed to assist us in getting into the traumatic experience. If the individual enters a relaxation state in a healing session, the stored feelings can go up to the surface and be released. Here they can be released permanently and a measureable differeance can be felt with just one session.

Personal Experience

Reiki isn’t planned to serve as an alternative for medically proven cures. Instead, a personal experience that might assist a struggling person process the emotional and physical pain that they felt in the past was accessible yet problematic.

Energy healing is considered an old method of treatment. Reiki is included in this old treatment but is still very popular up to this time. The lack of tough scientific proof and data to support energy-based treatments might deter a number of people; however, with an open mind as well as curiosity, Reiki can be highly effective and beneficial.

If you or a loved one are suffering from chronic stress, anxiety or depression and would like to find out more about how an energy healing session could help, please contact us on the link below.