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Release energetic bonds and attachments.

Let go of other people’s thoughts, feelings and patterns by cutting cords.

Consciously and unconsciously, we humans create energetic connections with others. Through closeness, emotional connection, empathy and a family situation, we can tap into the aura of others and enable them to tap into ours too. This means that we give and receive life force to these people at all times.
Energy threads are invisible to the naked eye, but can be felt, seen or recognised intuitively. Many spiritual traditions such as Reiki, Shamanism, Angelic Healing and Pranic Healing have techniques for removing energetic bonds. It helps us to feel our own energy, to free ourselves from burdens that were never our own and to regain our strength. By freeing the tongues of the people we feed on, we also free them from our obligations, our feelings, and our predictions.

Energetic cutting is a way to break emotional ties that no longer serve your growth. You can use a cord cutting ritual to protect your energy, heal past relationships, release lingering anger, and clear the way for new, healthier connections.


Does cord cutting only work for negative situations??

Absolutely not! This is one of the most misunderstood myths about cord cutting.
You can break energetic ties with people you trust and love, and even with people you have neutral feelings toward. Cutting the cord means interrupting the continuous exchange of energy between two people. This is helpful not only in toxic and abusive relationships but also when:

  • This person or memory pops into you mind now and then, long after you have last seen them, perhaps even in dreams.
  • The energy level is depleted
  • General lethargy, depression, inexplicable sadness
  • Feeling stuck or unable to make decisions
  • Obsessions with another person
  • Often speaks critically or disparagingly about another person
  • The immune function is weakened, you often get sick
  • Unhealthy habits and addictive behaviour, excessive comfort seeking such as smoking, overeating, alcohol consumption, drugs and even seemingly healthy habits such as excessive exercise
  • You feel overstimulated after being with someone or even after a phone call
  • You are too sensitive to other people’s feelings
  • You feel too responsible for a situation that is beyond your control
  • You lack clarity about your own perspective and may experience groupthink.

Can you be injured by energetic cord cutting??

At I AM Quantum Reiki we teach us ways to clear energy lines with your exes, toxic friends, colleagues and even people you love. Quantum Reiki Masters emphasise the intention to release bonds without harming those involved. When you work with an energy healer, they will ground you in your own aura and call back your life force, with respect for everyone involved. You also call upon your Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spiritual Guides to safely assist you in this cleansing.

Can you cut the wires for a friend?

It is important to remember that you can only perform cord cutting on yourself or on someone who has given you permission to do so. It is highly unethical to transfer energy into another person’s auric field without their knowledge and permission.

Does cutting the cord end a relationship?

Cutting ties with an ex, a toxic manager, or an old friend would help you forcefully disengage. This helps return their thoughts, feelings and projections and release attachments. However, the relationship does not end there. They may continue to contact you and follow the same patterns. However, cutting the cord regularly will help separate your energy so you can feel clearer and calmer. This usually helps people who want to end a relationship.

What effect does cutting the cord have on another person?

Cutting the cord is about changing your own energy – not the other person’s.
Although the primary purpose of cord cutting is to focus on one’s own internal energy and well-being, it is important to understand that this practice can inadvertently affect another person’s energy. This recognition highlights the interconnected nature of human relationships.
The goal of cord cutting is personal development and the search for inner peace. It is an internal process: you change your own individual energy without trying to change other people’s perceptions of you.
When you practice cutting ties with people you like, respect, or are neutral toward, you don’t end the relationship either. You can only practice energetic hygiene by giving yourself space. There are no hard feelings involved.


After the relationship ends: This can be a romantic relationship, a friendly relationship or even a professional relationship. If a relationship has ended and you can’t move on, a relationship separation ceremony can help you let go.
If You’re Feeling Particularly Drained by Someone: If someone in your life is constantly leaving you emotionally drained, it may be time to consider a cord-cutting ceremony. This can help you regain your energetic and emotional balance.

When You’re Ready to Let Go of Your Past Experiences: If you find yourself constantly thinking about the past or an experience that has caused you emotional distress, a cord cutting ceremony can help you let go of those thoughts and move on. If you feel like your past is holding you back from new experiences and opportunities, a cord cutting ceremony can help you make space in your life.

When You Can’t Let Go of Anger or Resentment: If you feel resentment or anger toward someone, these negative emotions can hinder your personal growth. A cord cutting ceremony can help free them.

The main benefits of the Cord Cutting Ritual are:

  • Ending Past Relationships: Cutting ties can provide a sense of finality and end past relationships that may still be causing emotional distress.
  • Healing Emotional Wounds: By cutting energetic ties associated with painful memories or experiences, a ritual can facilitate the healing and recovery of these emotional wounds.
  • Releases energy for personal development: Energy lines can consume energy. By removing them, you release this energy that you can use for your personal growth and development.
  • Promote emotional growth: Cutting the cord is a symbolic act of letting go of past anger, regret, or bitterness—allowing you to shed any emotional baggage and better respond to future emotional experiences.
  • Facilitates the Transition to Positivity: By cutting ties with previous negative experiences, you can welcome an energetic shift that has paved the way for positivity and growth in your life.
  • By cutting ties, you may find it easier to let go of past traumas and toxic relationships that are hindering your current life. Additionally, studies show that rituals can also help reduce anxiety levels by helping to relieve stress and tension that has built up over time. This often leads to an increased sense of peace and well-being, which leads to a more positive outlook on life’s challenges.

Signs that cutting the cord is helpful

  • Get a deep feeling of freedom
  • Feel relieved and liberated
  • Feel as if a significant weight has been lifted from your shoulders
  • You may also feel an increase in energy. This increased vitality indicates that you are succeeding in breaking the negative bonds that are depleting your energy reserves.

Another common sign that your cord-cutting technique is working is a decreased emotional response to thoughts about a particular person or situation. You may find that you can maintain a more balanced, detached perspective rather than feeling an upsurge of emotions when you think about it.

Reiki therapist cord cutting session

How to perform a cord cutting ritual

Cord cutting ceremonies are different for everyone as the experience can be very personal, but there are some general steps you can take. These steps include:

Grounding through Meditation or Breath work – Before beginning any ritual, it is important to establish a solid foundation. This often includes meditation or breathing exercises to focus your energy, promoting a state of calm and concentration.
Visualise the cord of energy that connects you to the person or situation – The focus of the ritual is to visualise the cord of energy that connects you to the person or situation. This mental image allows for increased awareness of the emotional ties that are being processed and ultimately severed.
Symbolically or literally using a tool to cut the cord – Cutting the cord is an important part of the ceremony. This can be done symbolically, for example by visualising cutting a string with scissors, or even by using a physical object to represent separation, that is, a conscious separation of emotional ties.

Cleanse your energy field and fill the space left by the cord with love and compassion – Once the cord is cut, it is essential to cleanse your energy field. This phase is about eliminating any residual energy associated with a previous emotional attachment. Techniques may include visualisation, smudging, or other rituals aimed at cleansing the energy around you. After removing and cleaning, it is important to fill the gap left by the cable with positive energies. This is about filling conscious space with feelings of love and compassion and creating an environment conducive to personal healing and growth.

The effectiveness of the cord cutting ritual depends on patience and often requires multiple attempts. Successfully releasing emotional attachments and promoting personal healing can take time and repeated effort. Patience is essential as individuals navigate the complexities of their emotional landscapes and uncover layers of attachment. The iterative nature emphasises the depth of the healing journey and the fact that transformative effects develop gradually with dedication.

The effects of cord cutting can go beyond the emotional world and manifest on both physical and mental levels.

Physically, cutting the cord can reduce the feeling of stress and tension in the interaction with the person, both for you and for the other person.
Mentally, this can promote a more balanced and detached perspective, promoting a healthier dynamic for both of you.
It’s important to approach untying the cord with an awareness of the potential repercussions, as this will lead to positive changes for both of you.

Cutting the cable didn’t work. What can I do next?

If you feel like your cord-cutting ritual hasn’t worked, it’s important to be patient with yourself.

Healing takes time and sometimes requires multiple attempts. However, the most powerful way to cut energetic cords with someone or a situation is during a Quantum Reiki Session. Book a Quantum Reiki healing session below and let us help you be free of these energies.