As you submit a written, online or verbal booking to us, you will agree to have a course, treatment, or retreat according to the following terms and conditions. 


We respectfully request our clients to make payment through Stripe, PayPal, bank transfer, or cash before or at the time of treatment. Non-payment will lead to no treatment. You can use your name as a reference if you pay online. 


A minimum notice of 24 hours is required from the start of the client’s treatment appointment time if there’s a cancellation or change made to the date and time of appointment and if the charge is not received. The payment for every treatment is required in full if the session was canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice or if the client fails to attend. 

Discretionary waiver of charges for missed/changed appointments

Re-booking or changing appointment, for no additional charge, within 24 hours of the date and time of appointment is discretionary. Additionally, it will only be undertaken for emergencies. 

Early or late arrival 

If you arrive early, please wait for your appointment please wait outside the studio and wait for us to open the door – please do not ring the bell or knock on the door as other treatments may be taking place . If you’re late for the appointment, our therapist will provide you with the best possible service in the remaining time; however, the appointment will end at the agreed time without adjustment to the fee. 

Classes and courses 

We require a minimum of one week’s notice ahead of the first day of the client’s course if there will be a cancellation or change. We require full payment for each course if the session is canceled with less than one week’s notice or the client fails to attend. 


Courses, treatments, retreats, and the listed prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

Refusing to treat 

We have the right to continue or refuse treatment at any point. Circumstances when this may apply include, but are not limited to:

  • The client is under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol
  • Recent surgery
  • The client is or becomes unwell, e.g., digestive upset, fever, seizure, allergic reaction, fainting
  • The client behaves in an offensive or inappropriate manner
  • A client is under care for a medical condition which is a contraindication for therapy; it will be discussed during the consultation
  • Where GP consent is needed


We welcome clients under the age of 16 if they are accompanied by a legal guardian or parent, who will be asked to give signed consent to treatment. They will also be asked to stay for the duration of the agreed treatment.

Medical issues 

The treatments performed by I AM are not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and treatment. We don’t encourage clients to stop medical treatment or change or reduce their prescription drugs without prior discussion with a GP or consultant. It is also the client’s responsibility to consult with their GP and get approval before commencing any treatment. 

Personal information 

During the treatment consultation of the client, we need to gather personal information, which is essential for our client-therapist relationship and will be used to tailor treatments. Your personal information is strictly confidential. We will maintain its accuracy by updating it as advised by our client. 

Sensitive information 

There are also times that we address specific challenges, personal issues, or general conditions in our client’s profession or life. We assure that the information provided by our clients will be strictly kept confidential except for any information which, if withheld, can result to danger to a client or others. All communication during therapy is confidential, subject to specific provisions; therapists are not at liberty to withhold details from the police. Your therapist is required to inform authorities if there is a possibility that you or a member of the public is in danger. Parts of your conversation may be referred to during supervision, a requirement for registered therapists, although your name or any identifying information would not be disclosed. 


Various complex factors may influence the success of individual therapy; while benefits are usually observed in most cases, there are no guarantees of success or cure concerning a treatment or condition, reference CHNC guidelines. If you refer to an upsetting experience, you can feel uncomfortable; the BELL OF THERAPY and aftercare sheet explains that you may feel worse if addressing an issue; it is commonly improved as your therapy and healing journey progresses. What you feel is natural and related to your perception of your experience. These are boundaries that we both agree to abide by; you can have a copy of these boundaries for your reference. 

Remote working 

Remote appointments have been available for several years. We have remotely worked as tutors and therapists with clients from many UK regions and other countries. With the government recommendations and governing body guidelines, the therapy will continue remotely. 

The following safeguarding issues are required on remote appointments:

We value the security of your personal information. Zoom is among the most stable platforms and is close to being GDPR-friendly. If you need to, you can download it here:

You will be requested to silence your mobile phone or landline; however, your therapist will get your mobile number to contact you if there’s a glitch, in which case, we can text you.

To maintain connection and continuity of service, you should have a fast and stable internet connection speed suitable for the appointment. 

Please ensure that no other Wi-Fi requirements are running during the appointment; these may include mobile phone Wi-Fi usage, apps, television, and other users of your hub. These may lower the quality of your reception. 

Please ensure enough Wi-Fi reception in your room or switch to Data Use if it provides better reception. 

Please set the alarm on your phone to activate 55 minutes after your appointment starting time. Once there’s a technical glitch, it will ensure that you’re fully cognitive by the close of the appointment. 

Please make sure that your tutor or therapist can see you throughout the appointment. 

Please make sure that your device is not handheld or not balancing precariously. 

Please keep a copy of this form for your reference.